Monday, May 31, 2010

VH1's What Chilli Wants: Rozonda Chooses....

And the winner is...

Rozonda! The show is picked up for Season 2.


Has this been one of the
most awkward finales ever? Why didn't the producers have the men stand in front of Rozonda butt naked, wearing bow ties holding flowers? Now that's a finale!

Two thumbs up for two white dudes making the cut. Two thumbs down (and a toe) for this weak azz finale.

That is all.

Mosey on over to VH1 to recap
the whole season...


  1. I enjoyed the show, even the weak ass finale. Was pleasantly surprised at the two white men that made the cut. Actually I wasn't surprised that Darren and Bill made the cut, they were the only two MEN presented to Chilli, I was pleasantly surprised that she was able to quickly recognize a MAN when one is placed before her. I thought the show clearly illustrated some of the problems with black men; arrogance ignorance, dickcentricity and extreme ego and selfishness. Which is why I am only open to the Bills and Darrens in the world from now on.

  2. I agree w/ XaiXai. Let's not forget commitment phobe from some of them as well or as her date called it titles. I wish her the best!

  3. CTFU...dickcentricity?

    *right clicks and adds to dictionary*

    Spot on!!

  4. I hope that it works out with one of those guys. She has been through a lot with these industry guys and being a single mother. At least she is open-minded enough to expand her options.

  5. She picked the wrong guy! No!!!! I don't think Bill is a good fit. I see a player or something.

  6. @XaiXai
    "I thought the show clearly illustrated some of the problems with black men; arrogance ignorance, dickcentricity and extreme ego and selfishness" == translation.. "white men are superior and the black men that black women raise and give birth to are inferior".. why is it that whenver the subject of interracial or gotsta get a white man mania comes up.. I ALWAYS see black women degrading black men just the way that racist white supremacist white men do?

    Not suprising seeing Mammy doing the work for him. Clearly a stupid woman who we know could not POSSIBLY know how all or MOST black men are to generalize them... unless she works as a travelling whore.

  7. The show is a propaganda piece (yet another one) to promote black women who have a moderate level of "success" or notoriety turning around and giving it to a white man. Same old story from over 150 years ago.. black woman, take your labor and assetts and pour it in a white man's hands. No worries, since the show is renewed for a second season, the cycle of being too unreasonably picky and then choosing an ATHIEST as a final contestant though you say "god is first" and knocking off black men simply for ENJOYING A GLASS OF WINE.. will continue. Nonsense.. Just like that stupid For the Love of Ray J show was. YOu all are being duped by the so called Jews @ Vh1- Unreality TV! Making money exploiting desperate and lonely BW. CNN< ABC.. Single "successful" black woman, ABC "faceoff" all brought to you by so called Jews.

  8. Anonymous #6 & #7

    Please get a LIFE!!!!!

    "The MAN" doesn't care about you and what you think. Since both posts reflect negative attitudes towards black women, then really both of you should be saying "Good Riddance".

    Who BW choose to date and the reasons why is none of your business.

  9. Anon 6 & 7, you personify the type of dbrbm that makes me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the decision to date only quality non black men was the correct decision. My only error was to waste longer than a millisecond in my life with black males. You actually prove my point, why is it that these black males are raised by black women????? Because kneegrows like you impregnate and vacate, the dbrbm modus operandi. So be gone from my presence, I have a white man smiling seductively at me to explore!!!!!!