Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Next Time Tell 'Em Black Don't Crack!

Folks always gotta put their two pennies in when no one's asking.  Someone's always getting up in your business and boldly expressing an opinion about your relationships.  Saying stuff like...Why you tryna date a sister?...What's wrong with marrying your own kind...and here's my favorite, You sure you wanna go through all that?

Next time folks can't seem to stay in their lane, keep it simple:  Tell 'em black don't crack! 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Roll Out To Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the US. So, if you are a single man or single women who want to date outside of your own culture/race then this Meetup Group is for you. 

Our meet up group is for singles who are interested in networking and mixers to meet singles of all races and backgrounds looking to meet singles like you!  This group also is for Couples already involved in an interracial relationship- Meetup Organizer Ms Kelly

The Interracial & Intercultural LV Singles and Couples Explosion (yep long name) is organized by social butterfly Ms Kelly.  Kelly who describes her race as chocolate (go head girl), has 5 great assistants known as the Leadership Team.  From the looks of past events, I can clearly say that there's a lot more to Vegas than casinos!  The group currently has 172 "something new members" and growing each day.  If you reside in the area or within driving distance (which is totally subjective) try a little something new!

Side note:  I'll drive all night for the right party :-D

Damn, the last time I was in Vegas I was on a business trip. I went to 3 casinos and called it a night (I hate gambling and smoke). Shew I couldn't wait to fly back to the North Click.  Had I known about this group...well just say I wouldn't have made it to one of those dry azz meetings.

I'm out!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Am I on a Date With You or Your IPhone?

Here I am, sitting next to a couple of iTards. Do you know what iTards are? iTards are basically two people who sit across a table from each other and instead of conversing, they just pass an iPhone back and forth to each other. “Look at my picture!” “Wow, look at the new YouTube video that just got posted!” “Wow, check this website out!”  This made me realize that there is a whole new style of dating going on out there. It’s called iTard Dating.  In iTard Dating, you really don’t talk about emotions or life experiences. You just pass an iPhone back and forth to each other- David Wygant

Wow have I gotten so old that I believe its rude to leave your cell phone on during a date?  Let me tell you something,  I will actually walk out on a date if the guy I'm with takes numerous calls or shows signs he can't string two sentences together unless there's a phone stuck in his ear.  Sheeesh!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How Does It Feel To Be a Black Single Problem?

By Farai Chideva
April 24, 2010
It's open season on black womanhood. Nightline became the latest media outlet to tackle the issue of why black women aren't married. The problem is not the topic, but the approach. Like a recent series of articles, books, and television segments (and one Nightline did last year), the show's focus was on the purportedly low value of black women in the dating marketplace and the wisdom of black women's choice to stay single versus marrying men who don't fit their criteria.

Let's get real for a minute here. Yes, black women are sometimes taken for granted by black men, and men of other races. (I'm thinking here of musician John Mayer saying he had a "David Duke c**k," because it only responded to white women. Black womens' response, for the most part: awesome dude...!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*Site Alert* Black Womens Beauty

This is a question I have gone over in my head for a couple years now. Probably the first time I ever really noticed black women, was in the movie Conan. I first saw this movie when I was 12, and something in the movie caught my eye. Conan is the classic hero saves the princess story and you have most likely seen it. Anyway in the movie Arnold Schwarzenegger must take a princess to some temple, along the way they meet a women, a black woman to be exact...

Hey I kinda like this kid.  I believe he's back this time!

May future jobs and scandalous trolls allow this young man to forever blog in our hearts and minds *passes wand over laptop*

VH1's What Chilli Wants

Hollywood’s sick obsession with casting black women in these fat fairy god-sista roles never ceases to please me...and yet I blame Mammy *sigh*

Chicks like Tionna is one of the main reasons (although I gots plenty) why I ride dolo. Never put matchmaking in the hands of friends, family, ex-cons or church members- it’s just bad bidness.

So the dollarnaire matchmaker from Brooklyn calls Rozonda picky and suggests that she needs a little dark-skin chocolate in her life huh? I can see why she’d call someone picky while managing to squeeze food in the conversation.

How Raj’s mama gonna get all uppity with Chilli just because she wasn't feeling the 7-Up Man? Shew I wasn't feeling his weird azz either lol.

Whatever happened to the customer always being right? I don’t recall Patty Stanger giving her clients a 2 second warning threatening to pull off her wig and hurt somebody because they didn't care for her database of single men.

I'll tell you what Mabel "Mama" Thomas needs to do. She needs to hop on the next thing smoking back to BK and get a breast reduction stop by Junior's and order a case of humble pie and start inhaling!

Catch full episodes after the jump...

I'm out!

Monday, April 19, 2010

**New Site Alert: Dating in Black And White**

I have been reading many interesting articles and some books attempting to probe into some of the reasons why more and more white men are beginning to date black women, why others still don’t, and why some may still be oppose to it. So first, why are white men dating black women?- Mikko Kemppe 

 Hmm, interesting...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oprah and John Tesh Used To Swirl It Up

New book states that John Tesh & Oprah were a couple once upon a time.

Alright Ms Oprah. That's 2 out of 3...that we know of *wink wink*.

I wonder what Harpo gots to say about this right here? More after the jump....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

If Whites are the New Blacks, Then Why Am I Doing This White Guy?

The Awl
By Charlie

"....When it comes to the men I sleep with, I’m consistently pretty dull. White dude after white dude after white dude after white dude. This is a good thing, in one way, because we all know: most interracial couples are doomed from the beginning.  So why not slap on some Dereon jeans, get a weave and roll out on some 22s with one of the strong, independent, church-going black men my mother keeps telling me about? Stop screwing every Tom, Dick and Harry—and start screwing Leroy, Darrell and John. Less white.  More black."  More after the jump...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

**Date Switch (Speed Dating) National Schedule**

At the event you will meet with other singles one-on-one and face-to-face for 5 minutes. After time is up, you will then secretly circle yes or no on your date card depending on whether or not you would like to get to know the person you just met better.

Within 24 hours of the event you will receive an email letting you know your matches and their email address. Within only 24 hours you can start talking and set up another date. How easy is that?!

Low pressure! Events are very organized and take place in a structured setting. At events you will not have to worry about approaching someone, because they are expecting and waiting for you to approach them!! 

Jeremy & Lauren Bollinger
Founders DateSwitch 

What: Speed Dating For Ages 21-34
When: Saturday April 10th @ 7:30 PM
Where Ess Lounge Raleigh, NC

What: Speed Dating For Ages 30-45
When: Friday April 16th @ 8:00 PM
Where Ess Lounge Raleigh, NC

What: Speed Dating For Ages 40-55
When: Wednesday April 28th @ 8:00 PM
Where: Tir Na Nog in Downtown Raleigh, NC

Dateswitch hosted by Jeremy and Lauren (in my area) has said that there's always more men than women at these events.  They have also stated that if you don't get matched up the first time, you can come back free of charge for the next event.  Also if you want to attend an age group a couple of years above or below yours, just let them know.

Check DateSwtich schedules in your area...

*Tough Love is Back With a Twist*

My brother from another mother Steven Ward is back but this time with couples.  Tough Love has got to be my favorite reality show since Foofy-Foofy chased Sasquatch Brigitte Nielsen half way around the world.  Hey I didn't give him that name, Sasquatch did.  

Taking a cue from Tool Academy 2, Steve sets out to fix couples this time around.  If it's anything like the previous seasons, I will definitely tune in to watch the tragedies unfold. 

If there is a God in Heaven please bequeath Steve the powers to drag Taylor's raggedy azz with Willie Northpole (yes that's right...Northpole) in tow back for season three.  When Steve told Taylor to remove her hair extensions because she looked like Simba, I quickly grabbed a shovel.  I died twice of congestive heart-laughter and came back as Vidal Sassoon. Come on Taylor...really?

Taylor being a holdover from the first season didn't change one iota.  In one scene she clowned Willie's hometown of Compton so tough, I thought he was going to slapped the fake-and-bake right off her face.  However being the sensible one of the two, he settled on given her the b*tch please look and kept it moving.

During season 2,  I was happy the powers-that-be brought Kanisha back after The Farmer in The Dell kicked her to the curb.  So she did what any other respectable woman would do.  She captured the heart of a sexier man drenched in dimples and bigger muscles. Yee-HAW!

Tough Love For Couples premiers on VH1 next Monday night at 9:00 PM EST.

Catch full episodes of Tough Love Seasons 1 and 2 here.

I'm Out!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ahh Canada You Gotta Love 'Em!

Sex is like food. No, wait, relationships are like food, and the more they mix, the better they taste. Yes, I said taste -Jeff Groat

Go head Jeff with ya bad self!

*Meet Jason, The Face of Interracial Connection*

Riding on the growing wave of interracial sites is 28-year-old newcomer Jason, founder of Interracial Connection. Upon accessing the site, a feeling of community is instantly felt. Community quotes from notable scholars such as Cicero, Day, and Fuller are intermittently changed on the site's main page. Subscribers can share their creative side and are offered the opportunity to start their own blogs, thus giving something back to the “community”. The main page will also feature an ongoing comic strip centering on interracial couple "Jay and Nikki".

Recently I interviewed the creative force behind Interracial Connection and discovered what Jason hopes his site accomplishes for his readers.

DWB: Hey Jason, where are you originally from and what got you interested in an interracial blogs/sites?

Jason: I am originally from Claxon, Georgia. I was interested in not only interracial blogs but an interracial social networking site in order for people to share and discuss issues related to interracial dating, Help forums and also for the purpose of “Dating”.

DWB: Have you dated/married other races before?

Jason: Yes, I have dated outside my race for about 8 years now. I tend to date black women only at this point just as a personal preference.

DWB: What do you hope your readers take from Interracial Connection?

Jason: I hope readers and viewers can get an idea of what’s it like to date interracially to a certain extent. However actually doing it will only gain you that experience. But most of all to meet other like-minded individuals so they don’t feel like they’re the only ones with a specific preference in terms of dating and being physically attracted to the opposite race. Opposites attract!

DWB: What advise do you have for white men/black women in terms of connecting or finding each other?

Jason: The most important thing is give each other a fair chance. Put stereo types aside and just spend time with each other in an environment that is comfortable for both people. After spending enough time with each other, you’ll realize that you actually forgot what color they are!

Great words of advise Jason and words to live by. I look forward to the comic strip "Jay & Nikki".

Jason can be reached directly at the site or by email at

I’m out!