Friday, April 2, 2010

*Meet Jason, The Face of Interracial Connection*

Riding on the growing wave of interracial sites is 28-year-old newcomer Jason, founder of Interracial Connection. Upon accessing the site, a feeling of community is instantly felt. Community quotes from notable scholars such as Cicero, Day, and Fuller are intermittently changed on the site's main page. Subscribers can share their creative side and are offered the opportunity to start their own blogs, thus giving something back to the “community”. The main page will also feature an ongoing comic strip centering on interracial couple "Jay and Nikki".

Recently I interviewed the creative force behind Interracial Connection and discovered what Jason hopes his site accomplishes for his readers.

DWB: Hey Jason, where are you originally from and what got you interested in an interracial blogs/sites?

Jason: I am originally from Claxon, Georgia. I was interested in not only interracial blogs but an interracial social networking site in order for people to share and discuss issues related to interracial dating, Help forums and also for the purpose of “Dating”.

DWB: Have you dated/married other races before?

Jason: Yes, I have dated outside my race for about 8 years now. I tend to date black women only at this point just as a personal preference.

DWB: What do you hope your readers take from Interracial Connection?

Jason: I hope readers and viewers can get an idea of what’s it like to date interracially to a certain extent. However actually doing it will only gain you that experience. But most of all to meet other like-minded individuals so they don’t feel like they’re the only ones with a specific preference in terms of dating and being physically attracted to the opposite race. Opposites attract!

DWB: What advise do you have for white men/black women in terms of connecting or finding each other?

Jason: The most important thing is give each other a fair chance. Put stereo types aside and just spend time with each other in an environment that is comfortable for both people. After spending enough time with each other, you’ll realize that you actually forgot what color they are!

Great words of advise Jason and words to live by. I look forward to the comic strip "Jay & Nikki".

Jason can be reached directly at the site or by email at

I’m out!


  1. Absolutely fantastic!

  2. Very good advice.

  3. This young man has a very "open" perspective of life and how we live it - we can all learn a lot from him .. feelings of care should know nothing about the color of a persons skin .. only that there is compassion between two people ..

  4. Hey Jason,
    Great job. I am so proud of you. Your comment about giving each a fair chance and being in an environment that is comfortable to both is the most important thing that can be done in the beginning to truly give your new relationship and real shot at working.

    Talk to you soon.

  5. After joining... its probably one of the coolest dating sites I've been on.

  6. Great job! Such a well written post. I just got what I need about inter racial dating. Thanks for sharing the post and keep posting!

  7. Thanks for the comments IRD.
    Wish I could post more! :-)