Sunday, April 25, 2010

Am I on a Date With You or Your IPhone?

Here I am, sitting next to a couple of iTards. Do you know what iTards are? iTards are basically two people who sit across a table from each other and instead of conversing, they just pass an iPhone back and forth to each other. “Look at my picture!” “Wow, look at the new YouTube video that just got posted!” “Wow, check this website out!”  This made me realize that there is a whole new style of dating going on out there. It’s called iTard Dating.  In iTard Dating, you really don’t talk about emotions or life experiences. You just pass an iPhone back and forth to each other- David Wygant

Wow have I gotten so old that I believe its rude to leave your cell phone on during a date?  Let me tell you something,  I will actually walk out on a date if the guy I'm with takes numerous calls or shows signs he can't string two sentences together unless there's a phone stuck in his ear.  Sheeesh!


  1. I am with you on this one, maybe because I am a 70s baby and remembered when u had to wait on a pay phone when you were away from home and we all survived. Heck my mom grew up in the era of the telegram and she survived. The lack of etiquette nowadays is mindboggling.

  2. I guess some people use cell phones to fill up the awkward spaces while on dates. I know folks use phones as the get-away car on terrible dates. It's the modern version of, "Excuse meI have to powder my nose/see a man about a horse." Some usages I would give a pass to.