Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*Site Alert* Black Womens Beauty

This is a question I have gone over in my head for a couple years now. Probably the first time I ever really noticed black women, was in the movie Conan. I first saw this movie when I was 12, and something in the movie caught my eye. Conan is the classic hero saves the princess story and you have most likely seen it. Anyway in the movie Arnold Schwarzenegger must take a princess to some temple, along the way they meet a women, a black woman to be exact...

Hey I kinda like this kid.  I believe he's back this time!

May future jobs and scandalous trolls allow this young man to forever blog in our hearts and minds *passes wand over laptop*


  1. link doesn't work

  2. What happened to Kyle?? He had a cute blog, then it went, then he banned people from Twitter. Did I miss something???

  3. Hey Funkystarkitty,

    Kyle has a new site. I will update the link within the post. It's also listed below. However I sent him a birthday greeting on Twitter yesterday so i don't know what to tell you on that. I did tweet him this morning and told him.


  4. @FunkyStarkitty

    I was having issues with a hacker. I have relocated to this url http://kamsblog.wordpress.com/ . Another thing was I was getting tons of hate comments from both white and black people. So thats why I moved the blog... Hope to see you on the new site!


  5. Nice to see the site back up again, Kyle. Sorry to hear about the hate comments. The good thing about wordpress is that you can easily ban trolls by IP. Trolls don't bother coming to my blog since they know they'll get banned.