Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Roll Out To Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the US. So, if you are a single man or single women who want to date outside of your own culture/race then this Meetup Group is for you. 

Our meet up group is for singles who are interested in networking and mixers to meet singles of all races and backgrounds looking to meet singles like you!  This group also is for Couples already involved in an interracial relationship- Meetup Organizer Ms Kelly

The Interracial & Intercultural LV Singles and Couples Explosion (yep long name) is organized by social butterfly Ms Kelly.  Kelly who describes her race as chocolate (go head girl), has 5 great assistants known as the Leadership Team.  From the looks of past events, I can clearly say that there's a lot more to Vegas than casinos!  The group currently has 172 "something new members" and growing each day.  If you reside in the area or within driving distance (which is totally subjective) try a little something new!

Side note:  I'll drive all night for the right party :-D

Damn, the last time I was in Vegas I was on a business trip. I went to 3 casinos and called it a night (I hate gambling and smoke). Shew I couldn't wait to fly back to the North Click.  Had I known about this group...well just say I wouldn't have made it to one of those dry azz meetings.

I'm out!

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