Thursday, April 8, 2010

*Tough Love is Back With a Twist*

My brother from another mother Steven Ward is back but this time with couples.  Tough Love has got to be my favorite reality show since Foofy-Foofy chased Sasquatch Brigitte Nielsen half way around the world.  Hey I didn't give him that name, Sasquatch did.  

Taking a cue from Tool Academy 2, Steve sets out to fix couples this time around.  If it's anything like the previous seasons, I will definitely tune in to watch the tragedies unfold. 

If there is a God in Heaven please bequeath Steve the powers to drag Taylor's raggedy azz with Willie Northpole (yes that's right...Northpole) in tow back for season three.  When Steve told Taylor to remove her hair extensions because she looked like Simba, I quickly grabbed a shovel.  I died twice of congestive heart-laughter and came back as Vidal Sassoon. Come on Taylor...really?

Taylor being a holdover from the first season didn't change one iota.  In one scene she clowned Willie's hometown of Compton so tough, I thought he was going to slapped the fake-and-bake right off her face.  However being the sensible one of the two, he settled on given her the b*tch please look and kept it moving.

During season 2,  I was happy the powers-that-be brought Kanisha back after The Farmer in The Dell kicked her to the curb.  So she did what any other respectable woman would do.  She captured the heart of a sexier man drenched in dimples and bigger muscles. Yee-HAW!

Tough Love For Couples premiers on VH1 next Monday night at 9:00 PM EST.

Catch full episodes of Tough Love Seasons 1 and 2 here.

I'm Out!


  1. omg the show premieres next week? thanks for sharing! i love tough love as well. that's the only reality show i'll watch. def. markin on the calendar!

    I actually got a lot of good tips on the show. I had no idea that your clothes can communicate to men whether you're single or not. My clothes are sending off mix messages. I remember a guy friend of mine saw me and asked me if was going on a date. I asked him why would you think that? he was like "because you're dressed like you are". that's when it hit me that yes Steve is right,lol. I love to dress up, but i need to say single and not taken,lol.

  2. YW Sky,

    I will tune in for sure!

    BTW at least the guy didn't ask you if you were on your way to a funeral LOL