Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Southern Blend: A Dating Experiment

Southern Blend is more than a documentary exploration of interracial relationships. The film will focus on a reality-style social experiment in which people will date outside their race or ethnicity for the first time, or cross racial and ethnic boundaries they have never crossed before in their dating life. Southern Blend will entertain and educate as it explores interracial dating in 2011 more after the jump...


Friday, April 8, 2011

Poll 46% of Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Ban

Um....alrighty then. Why am I not surprised? Shouldn’t they be worried about important stuff like making sure they got enough sandbags for the next hurricane or something? More plantation foolishness after the dosey doe...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Male Reader Wants To Start an Interracial Couples Group...But He’s In Omaha!

Hello my fellow swirlers.  Recently I received an email from a male reader that I wish to share with you. 

Joe from Omaha, Nebraska writes:

Hello, I came across your article about interracial couples.  I am white and prefer to date outside my race.  Although I see a fair amount of mixed couples here in Omaha there seems to be a lot of blacks, Hispanics and whites who don't accept it.  I thought about starting a group for people here that are interested in interracial dating but given the circumstances I'm not sure how well that would go over…
My response:

Hi Joe,

Thanks for writing!  You said that you've seen mixed couples in your area? Well that's a good thing! I wouldn’t focus too much on those who don't accept it because they won’t be your target audience anyway. Have you thought about starting a Facebook Group or a Myspace Page specifically targeted to those who have a genuine interest in IRR couples/dating? The Facebook option is great because you can get lots of group participation and designate people to help run your group and spread the word for future parties. This is also a great idea because your target area would also reach outside of your town/city. After you build up a fan base, take it to the next level: branch out into Meetup Groups and interracial parties!

So my DWB family, Is there anyone out there that can give Joe some advise?  Do you also live in an area that's not particularly IR friendly?  How do you meet people in areas that don't have a lot of  interracial daters? 
Looking forward to your responses!
I'm Out!