Thursday, February 24, 2011

Art Imitates Life... At Least from My Vantage Point.

Album Art Exchange is dedicated to people who appreciate High Quality Album Artwork. We act as a repository for Album covers, CD covers and Album artwork from around the world and present it here for your personal non-commercial use- The Album Art Exchange

The album cover at the top is the creation of Har Mar Superstar.  In addition to being a solo artist, Har Mar is a songwriter. He has written songs for artists including The Cheetah Girls, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Osburne and Ben Adams.  The album cover on the right is from MSTRKRFT an electronic/dance music group from Toronto.  The group was started in 2005 by Jesse F. Keeler formerly of Death from Above 1979.  They've worked with Kylie Minogue, John Legend, E-40, N.O.R.E., and Lil' Mo, among others.

Side Note: I'm glad Har Mar lost some weight.  That extra weight made him look like Ron Jeremy, egads!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Does Your Family Ask You to Dumb Yourself Down For a Love Interest?

While surfing the net this morning, I came across this post on an interracial forum:

Hello everyone. For the last eight years I started dating, black, white, whatever.  I recently told me [sic] mom that I was dating a nice white man. He is so f-ing great. She told me that she would pray that I find a black man and told me that If I wanted a black man to stop telling them that I am smart and do kick-boxing.  I like who I am and who I'm dating. But she is so serious about this and has stopped talking to me because of it- Spottedfeet, 25 Years old, Louisianna

Seriously? In 2011 there are parents telling their daughters (specifically mothers) not to let a man know how intelligent they are.  I’m all about being a little competitive on the battlefield but this is both sad and ridiculous. I’m also disturbed that  her mother is trying to push her into a relationship with an insecure man just because he's black however giving her grief for dating a white man. Thankfully this young lady knows her worth and has reached out to share her situation.  *Sigh*

Spotted over at Daily Strength.

I'm out!