Saturday, April 10, 2010

If Whites are the New Blacks, Then Why Am I Doing This White Guy?

The Awl
By Charlie

"....When it comes to the men I sleep with, I’m consistently pretty dull. White dude after white dude after white dude after white dude. This is a good thing, in one way, because we all know: most interracial couples are doomed from the beginning.  So why not slap on some Dereon jeans, get a weave and roll out on some 22s with one of the strong, independent, church-going black men my mother keeps telling me about? Stop screwing every Tom, Dick and Harry—and start screwing Leroy, Darrell and John. Less white.  More black."  More after the jump...


  1. You liked this article?? It portrayed interracial relationships as something that could never last. It said that black women may as well just go around having sex with as many white guys as possible, and not expect anything much. Then there was the nastiest, most aggressive white woman troll "missdelite" in the comment section going on and on about how a black woman could never get an attractive white guy to make babies with her. Or if he was attractive, then he was somehow damaged, according to her. She didn't like the fact that I put her in her place repeatedly while maintaining my poise, lol. I think she wanted to call me an uppity negress at one point. I thought the whole thread was incredibly low class...but you know, that's just me. :o/

  2. Hey Velour *waving*,

    From time to time DWB will post articles with opposing viewpoints mixed with a little “whatchu talkin bout Willis”- providing there’s no bashing or vulgarity :-)

    Ahh, yes I see the exchange between you and Ms Becky Panties-in-a-bunch, this is how I see it:

    More than likely Ms Becky Panties-in-a-bunch is usually the alpha male on that particular board with her brain-dead followers hungrily lapping up her words-of-wisdom. As she spouted out her usual brand of dribble, her lackey loser friends sat back and stroked her ego. However this time, an intelligent black woman called her out on her bull***t and embarrassed her. To add more insult to injury, you told her everything that she already knows.

    You see V, you really didn’t have to go into your spiel about bw/ww relationships while pointing out erroneous information and increased coupling of the two. She’s watched the growth with her own two eyes. To justify wm pursuing bw, she (and others like her) keep telling themselves that there must be something wrong with him (or the bw) LOL. But deep down inside she knows that isn’t true. That’s why she attacked you and called you a b*tch. Then Ms Panties-in-a-bunch’s feeble attempt to flip the script and call you uptight was simply laughable. Lawd and they say bw have attitudes? *SMDH*

    The part that tickles me is the loser wm commenter explaining why his relationship with a bw failed (30 years ago): He didn’t want to ruin her life? Where do these clowns come up with such grandiose ideas? He truly is a legend in his own mind.

    The article's title shouldn’t say White is the new Black. It should say BLACK(women) is the new ASIAN(women.)

  3. Yup, I know I didn't have to say anything...but I couldn't resist calmly and politely twisting the knife was irresistible. I can be so insufferable when I want to, lol. At least people can see what happens to those "easy-going attitudes" when some start to fear their pedestal is about to come crashing down. Cattiness I expected, but that was like a stray something straight out of the gutter.

    As for the man...that's his loss lol.