Tuesday, April 20, 2010

VH1's What Chilli Wants

Hollywood’s sick obsession with casting black women in these fat fairy god-sista roles never ceases to please me...and yet I blame Mammy *sigh*

Chicks like Tionna is one of the main reasons (although I gots plenty) why I ride dolo. Never put matchmaking in the hands of friends, family, ex-cons or church members- it’s just bad bidness.

So the dollarnaire matchmaker from Brooklyn calls Rozonda picky and suggests that she needs a little dark-skin chocolate in her life huh? I can see why she’d call someone picky while managing to squeeze food in the conversation.

How Raj’s mama gonna get all uppity with Chilli just because she wasn't feeling the 7-Up Man? Shew I wasn't feeling his weird azz either lol.

Whatever happened to the customer always being right? I don’t recall Patty Stanger giving her clients a 2 second warning threatening to pull off her wig and hurt somebody because they didn't care for her database of single men.

I'll tell you what Mabel "Mama" Thomas needs to do. She needs to hop on the next thing smoking back to BK and get a breast reduction stop by Junior's and order a case of humble pie and start inhaling!

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I'm out!


  1. *DEAD*

    You are too funny!

  2. Thank you,

    I'm here all week :-D