Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hawaii Still Leads U.S. With Highest Rate of Mixed Marriages

Honolulu Advertiser
May 27, 2010

Nearly one-third of marriages in the Islands are between interracial couples — by far the largest percentage in the country and four times the national average, according to a new analysis of the latest census figures. That Hawai'i tops the nation in its percentage of mixed-race marriages probably comes as no surprise to residents: Hawai'i — known for its diverse population and melting pot attitude — has held the spot for decades. Meanwhile, nationally, the growth of interracial couples is slowing among U.S.-born Hispanics and Asians.

After Hawai'i, Alaska has the highest percentage of mixed-race marriages — 19 percent. Oklahoma, New Mexico and Nevada round out the top five, while West Virginia is at the bottom of the list, with 2.9 percent. More after the jump...


  1. Interesting facts.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I cant imagine though it really happen especially in Hawaii. And I think there is nothing wrong with that except if there will be a report for a divorce rate in Hawaii then that would be a bad news.

  2. Of course it is because of the location since we all know Hawaii has all the people coming in from different countries and some have decided to live there and settle down.
    For me that's a good thing since there is no discrimination.