Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Niecy Nash Took It There On Dancing With The Stars

In case you missed it last week, Niecy Nash and her dance partner Louis Van Amstel brought the story of a 1960's interracial couple to life.

Alas Nay-Nay eventually got the ax but kudos to her and Lou-weez for the courage to take it there.

Wait did Lou-weez tell Nay-Nay that she gotta help him fight
his battle too? Naw Boo fall back. You got Elton, Rosie, Ellen (Janet Reno) and both the city of San Francisco and the ATL to help you. Ya'll doing just fine!

Side Note: Nay-Nay went a little hard on Pancake #45

I'm Out!


  1. thanks for sharing this! i don't keep up with dancing the stars, but im happy they sent this message through dance! we all have the right to love and marry whom we want! thanks Niecy and Louis for sharing that to the world!

  2. Skypurple15 stop following me! I enjoy this blog.