Saturday, May 8, 2010

Alicia Keys Shoots New Video With Chad Michael Murray

Well cot-damn!

*cougar claws activate

Alicia Keys shot the video for her new single “Unthinkable” a few weeks ago with actor Chad Michael Murray of One Tree Hill as the leading man.

Hmm, I wonder how realistic the love scenes (if any) with her leading man will be. I know the hate-meter is gonna
hit the roof. More after the break...


  1. Why should the 'hate meter' hit the roof? SHES Half ITALIAN

  2. Anonymous is blissfully (or pretending to be) ignorant. Alicia Keys is seen as black woman in America, and though she is half Italian people still see her skin color.

  3. Kate, she has a black 'phenotype' that is all just like the president. Although im not a white woman, i dont like it when there kids maternal side is downplayed. They were pregnant for 40 weeks just like us

  4. I cannot wait for this video!!!!

  5. Thanks Sky,

    Boy is fine!!

  6. @ #3 black phenotype? when she first came out I thought she was white! She looks bi-racial at best.