Sunday, May 16, 2010

Asian Network Reports: Dating Black

Despite increasing numbers of British Asians in mixed relationships, interracial dating and marriage between Asians and those from the black community are still relatively rare. ‘Dating Black’, presented by Anita Rani, questions why the Asian community is more accepting of mixed relationships with white people than those with black people.

We hear from three young British Asians who have all dated black. Layla is struggling to tell her parents about her black boyfriend. Rickesh has finished his relationship with a black girl because of the hostility he and his partner would face from his parents and community and Rajiv has gone against his parents wishes after falling for Francesca- Anita Rani

Here are a few comments from the interviewed subjects:

My parents couldn't understand why I would go out with someone black. As far as they are concerned, black people are the lowest of the low...

I wouldn't date a black girl again purely because of the hassle I know I will go through...

In the Asian community to some degree considers itself to be up higher up the ladder than the black community so when your child is dating someone black its consider a step down...

*blink blink*

Wow but the world wants us to believe that racism only exists in good ole US of A.

You will need to download a free copy of Real Player to listen to documentary

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