Monday, May 3, 2010

Damn Even The Texan White Guy Smells Bullsh**

For society to become concerned with the plight of black women now that black women are succeeding on their own terms would be comical if it weren’t so sad. 

Many of the black women succeeding today have toiled in obscurity for years at the bottom of the societal barrel, often in broken homes and with life circumstances that would melt most people.  The fact that our society is saying black women need to find a good black man to settle down with is an insult.- Jeff Bolton

Earlier today while visiting my girl CW's site I came across an interesting article written by a gentleman by the name of Jeff Bolton.  Honestly, I've never heard of him before today, but I'm glad she posted the article. Bacially Jeff is just as puzzled as most of us are as to why the media continues to grind out these "woe is me" stories about African-American women in dating and marriage.

One of my favorite quotes from Jeff:

There’s nothing wrong with them. They shouldn’t be forced into a box made by society’s expectations for them. Why is the sad, tired story of the failure of black men in society placed ahead of that of the success of black women in this pop culture reporting? 

O_o  *scratches head*

One commenter named Monie believes she knows the real reason for the relentless bashing against African-American women in the media:


Ever since Michelle has become the First Lady, there has been an onslaught of negative images and commentary. Michelle Obama is well-spoken, classy, fit, formally educated and happily married with children. It’s as if the media wants to quickly remind black women of who we “really are” and to not get lost in the “fantasy” that is Michelle’s life.  So what do they do? Replace magazine cover images of the Gabby Unions with the Gabby Sidibes, promote televised discussions and books written by self-appointed black relationship gurus who are nothing more than womanizers themselves (Harvey and Harper) and fill the magazines and e-mags with articles on single black womanhood to plague us with self-doubt, loneliness and bitterness. It’s so pathetic; and I don’t hear this nonsense about black women in countries like the United Kingdom. They really need to leave us alone. More after the jump...


  1. Please don't forget the documentary by Chris Rock Titled "Bad Hair", about the black women. I did not see it but. It is Shameful. How could his wife allow him to make this film and the actresses take part in it. Money talks I guess. Since this topic is about black men.I am a Christian and feel that the black men are not doing what God intended for them to do. But I must say there are good christian black men.

  2. Also I think the bashing is to keep the black women in her place. To keep nonblack men unattracted to black women. Also less threaten to the black male ego.