Friday, May 21, 2010

Do You Date The Same Way You Handle Your Finances?

When my cousins married white women it didn’t seem to cause an uproar. For some reason, I don’t expect the same reaction if Stephanie or I decided to marry a white man.

I don’t have any proof of this, it’s just a feeling I get. It seems that we aren’t supposed to have the same options as our cousins did
- Wise Diva

Folks we pretty much know how society usually reacts when it comes to black women dating out.

Selena-pedia, First Edition 2010, defines dating out as getting bizzy with the enemy, hooking up with massa, or worshipping tha white man. In layman's terms "dating-out" typically refers to the romantic relationship between said black woman and the whiskey-bravo (better known in the urban community as a white boy).

However the real question is, do you date the same way you handle your finances? In other words, are you the type of person that places all of his/her eggs in one basket-while hoping for a small profit? Or do you exercise ALL your dating options while undoubtedly receiving the highest rate of return all your time and hard research can buy?

To quote Access Atlanta's the Wise Diva,"Are you diversifying your dating options?"


  1. Hey IC *waves*

    Thanks! I see your comics are coming along quite nicely!!

    Are you doing the illustrations yourself?

  2. Good point. I was thinking and said to myself yeah... but still confused with my answer.
    I guess that will end up with the peoples choices and if that specific person will end up with that person then be it.
    Nice picture! Keep it up!

  3. The point you made is so true and you are not along. Regarding bm/ww vs bw/wm relationships. It called double standards. Black men, for example with or without a son and a daughter, will be ok with his son dating a white women. But his daughter? Dating a white man,it will be discouraged and not allowed. She would almost have to leave family behind. Some not all be it male or female in the black community feel the same way. Just examples and I could go on. Not saying all but it is real. You have to do what is best for your heart. The saying goes "just wait for Mr right (black man)to come along". By this time you are past child bearing age. Don't settle.