Wednesday, May 19, 2010

VH1's What Chilli Wants: Rozonda Gets Closer To Two [White] Men

Aries Spears: Is that your date for the night?

Chilli: Yeah

Aries Spears: Is he your date? So you went for the white boy huh?


Aries Spears: Damn, Usher f***** it up for everybody!

Aries Spears: If you think you walking out of here with the baddest b**** in here...

All jokes aside, what in the bah-jeezus hell happened to Aries? Damn, life been whooping his azz! Looking every bit like a raccoon on chemo. How dreadful.

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  1. Did you catch this week's show? it was really good. I like Bill (the one pictured nxt to chilli). He seems like a real down to earth guy and really likes her. My heart melted we he complimented her. i think he did it twice in a row. We shall see...infact ima watch the show again,lol.

  2. Hey Sky,

    You know I watched it! I thought Bill was better looking and laid the compliments on a little too strong-kinda like he was sucking up. However the farmer boy was a better match because of their similar interests. The farmer boy also balances her out. He owns that huge farm and is involved in all types of non-profit organizations. Bill kinda seems a little fake to me...

  3. Bill is cute, but I wonder if he is sincere.

  4. As usual the video is blocked in my region.

  5. That's too bad Anon. Sorry to hear that. Where are you located?

  6. Can't wait for tonight's show!!!

  7. Please tell me you caught last night's episode! I freakin love Bill. Can't wait for next week's eppy. Now she really has to choose. Who would of thought it would boil down to 2 white men? I have to admit I did not see this coming,lol.

  8. Yes I did!

    Did you see her cop an attitude with Big Girl?

    Look let's be real, how was she suppose to know Chilli is down with the swirl?

    To be honest I don't think Chilli knew she was going to be attracted to non-black men. So I think she was trying to blame Big Girl for her bankrupt love life.

  9. I looked at it more as Chilli was still having issues with the list. I wouldn't have introduced her to Bill either. Bill isn't anything she wanted on the list. She wanted a man with a 6 pack if i can recall, 2 baby mommas was the least they could have, i mean her list was beyond ridiculous.

    Chilli would have chewed both of them out. I doubt she would have ever been open to a farmer who isn't religious. She is giving him a shot.

    But like they say we have to kiss a lot of frogs before we find our prince.

    I wish Tiana would have explained why she saved Bill for last as opposed to getting up from the table and slapping the bread. she explained in the commentary but she should have explained it to Chilli. It was uncalled for and unprofessional.

    Man maybe I should go to a football game and have the announcer mention that im single and looking for love, and allow my friends to vet the men before I meet them. lol.

  10. I really enjoyed the show. It is so much better than the other dating reality shows that make us look stupid. This is very calm. I like both guys. I think both of them are handsome. However, Daron is not a Christian. I would think that would present an obstacle for Chilli since that was one of her List requirements. Oh well, its fun, see how it goes.

  11. She's probably going to discover that only 2 to 3 of her requirements really matter. I saw only one clip. I find it hard to watch Ms Smalls, her weaves and awful attitude are distracting.

    I wish Chili the best. Finding what she wants is an evolving process, it's good to see she's learning from her mistakes.

  12. LOL BC!

    @ Ichdv yeah I agree with you about the other shows playing up to those jacked up stereotypes about bw.

    I think it really is a deal-breaker for Chilli but I think she's still trying to be open-minded about it anyway. At least he's being honest about it and kudos to her for asking the tough questions

  13. I read some where that season 2 was in the mix for What Chili Wants...and if thats true(most cases it is) Chili is not dating either one of those guys. I hope the show is honest. Bret Michaels already had a family (although) not married. I wonder at what point in time he was able to look for love for 2 seasons. Maybe they had split? Farmer boy has a different religion than chili, and religious conversion are differ cult. Bill was very handsome, said the right things, but somehow I missed what his interest are or what line of work he's in.

  14. ^^Yeah I read that too. Was that the most awkward finale ever?

    I was not impressed!

  15. you know what would piss me off the most, if they did a second season where she choose a bm, just to shut them up. A lot of them are angry at her for having 2 white men as her options in the end.

    why don't they go watch Omarosa's new dating show on TVone and stfu.

  16. Omarosa has a show too?

    *clutches pearls*

    Is she producing or starring?

  17. O yes she will be starring in her show and donald trump is producing...

  18. I think they said season two is her evolving relationship not her choosing someone else.

  19. i think chilli just like's white men.