Monday, May 24, 2010

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Broadcast...

When asked about her *ahem* ensemble, Venus responded with, "It's all about the illusion." To That I say...

Dayuuum V

I would've sold my Mama to sit in the press box that day!

Something tells me that if Serena was the one swinging her
cakes tennis racket around that day, President Obama would be on CNN right nah making an official apology of some sort.


  1. Funny! haha! By the way this is Kyle, I had the "Black Women's Beauty" blog a while back. Hope you remember me! Just wanted to say that I have returned to blogging! Hope to hear back!


  2. Unfortunately with this ensemble, Venus made the unwise decision to distract from her gift with her sexual parts.. sexualizing herself by drawing attention to her apparently nude behind. NOt a wise move. My grandmother would've been so embarassed had I marketed myself that way.

    Black women MUST do better than to live up to the hyper sexual Jezebel stereotype..even if "pretending" in order to get attention.

  3. Either way black women can't win, Anon. We're either hyper-sexual Jezebels, baby-making welfare queens, asexual mammies, or evil Sapphire harridans. Venus has earned the right to play her game and I bet she doesn't give a flip what your grandmother thinks.

  4. Really funny..Very nice picture though.
    What if the president would do that? that will be the head lines for a month.
    Cant wait for that to happen.. Joke Peace!