Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dating While Brown Has A Forum!

Welcome to the Dating While Brown Community Forums. Dating While Brown facilitates bringing people together from various races, cultures and lifestyles from all corners the world share, to discuss relationships with families, partners spouses, parents and friends. Register for free and start topics or join right in- DWB

That's right so don't be shy. Come on over so that we can finally get to know each other. This is a community forum and it's for everyone to share and enjoy. So I'll see ya on the board. :-D

I'm Out!


  1. I am happy that everyone is welcome to this site. I guess even an Asian girl is welcome as well right? I really enjoyed reading through your post and I want to ask a favor for my friend who wants to meet someone there. Well,he is taking his chances.
    Anyways thanks for the wonderful site.

  2. Yeah same here. I highly recommend this blog to everyone since this site is very friendly to everyone. I already add this site to my facebook so I can follow any updates on this page.
    Keep it up the good work

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