Friday, June 4, 2010

USA Today: More Marriages Mix Races Than Ever

Mary Brophy Marcus
USA Today

Marriages between spouses of different races and ethnicities are more common than ever before, say authors of a report by the Pew Research Center.

A record 15% — about one out of every seven — of new marriages in 2008 landed in the "Marrying Out" category, the report says.

Passel says white-Hispanic marriages were the most common interethnic unions, making up about four in 10 (41%) of the 280,000 total couples who had intermarried.

The single most surprising finding in the report, Passel says, is that 22% of newly wed black men married women who were not black. "If you look back at data from 50 years ago, such marriages were illegal in many parts of country," he says.

Is USA Today trying to steal shine from Hawaii? Passel's surprised at the statistics concerning black men marrying out? Has he been living under a rock these past decades? LOL

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  1. Makes me almost curious how the "black love" and the "there's only a tiny portion of black men marrying non-black women" crowd will handle those facts. I guess they'll hang their hats on fictional crimes black women are committing to chase "good brothas" away.

    This takes me back to Essence Magazine: What ludicrous advice might they offer young black women? After the strip club, go find your next date at a senior's center, because viagra still makes them viable?

    I wouldn't put it past them.

  2. I'll tell you how they'll handle it-with a tall glass of denial.

    They will insist the statistics are propaganda, inflated facts and simply untrue. Some will even say the media is trying to keep the black family apart. Let's not forget the old bait and switch response of "So what [insert race] women are having a hard time getting married too" or "White men marry-out too."

    I know because I hear women who are close to me say it every day...

  3. Essence is a joke. Any black woman following their old stale advice is a fool. White women, especially college educated middle class ones, are getting married in droves. I go to several of these weddings a year. Check out Style Me Pretty or if you don't believe it. The indoctrinated sisters will be left behind with their fatherless kids and no resources and nobody will care. If you want a quality husband and kids you have to plan for it early, just like one plans for a new car or an MA or buying a house (not comparing a husband and family to these other things, just the planning). You can't merely "keep your legs closed" and "your head in them books" all through college and grad school and then wake up at 35 wondering where your man is. Date the rainbow and vet!

    If you want a Beamer you don't hand around in hoopty lots.

  4. "The single most surprising finding in the report, Passel says, is that 22% of newly wed black men married women who"

    How the hell is that surprising?

  5. I agree it should not be that surprising since this is happening way back before and maybe we just ignore it before.

    Its not surprising but it is interesting.