Sunday, June 13, 2010

True Blood Season 3: Bon Temps Taste The Swirl

Alright I know True Blood is just a wee bit sickening with Ms Stackhouse running around acting like Ms Millie off The Color Purple. However the Tara, Jason, Sam and Eggs quadrangle more than made up for it the previous seasons.
IRR Alert--> Speaking of romances, looks like Tara has a new admirer. This looks sexy and yet frightening at the same time.
I'm just dying to see what the producers are planning to do with Aunjeanu Ellis. That's a baaad lady right there. Can't you just see her and Eric hooking up? No? Well I can see me hooking up with him. I'd be one fangbanging sistah if I lived down in the Bayou LOL.

Bon Temps taste the swirl.

I'm Out!

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