Friday, June 25, 2010

We Interrupt Our Regular Scheduled Broadcast....

It's All About Reciprocity

OK so I was doing my surfing rounds yesterday and was mildly perturbed. As I was visiting my favorite BWE bloggers (see the above blog roll); I was guided to a link that led to a forum somewhere within

Lo and behold a writer/commenter screen name "JE" on Ask Men has used bits and pieces of an article I wrote for
EzineArticles and for DWB. It's bad enough he didn't cite nor quote me, he added some very nasty stuff about black women in his write-up. Thereby giving the impression that the writer is a disgruntle white man, not a sexy black woman, such as myself. So without the cites/quotes you have no idea who wrote it.

I am no different than a writer/blogger from a big time magazine or large blog. I'm using MY creative energy (yeah I got a little bit) and MY time and I think I deserve some credit.

As you can see I cite everything I use because it's only fair. It's fair to the writer and to the readers. To be credible is everything!

There's also another white male blogger/website owner who continues to snatch bits and pieces from my blog without citing me. Not very nice!

Just to be warned, I will waste no time putting folks on blast!

I'm Out!


  1. sorry to hear about it, I can only imagine how annoying and stupid it is to someone who put work and effort into it.

  2. Thanks Huda,

    He tried to apologize and give some dribble about how he mistakenly misquoted and got his references mixed up or something of that nature. *rolls eyes*

    Appreciate your comments :-D