Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank God & Bless The Queen: World's Hottest Soccer Players

I've got nothing but d-d-d-DAYUM

Madrid's Christiano Ronaldo

England's Alan Smith

The Italian Team

              Swedish Player Fredrik Ljungberg


I had to post the Italians twice. They had a *ahem*. wardrobe change

Cha Du Ri- South Korea (Born in Frankfurt, speaks
Korean, German, and Dutch)

France's Yoann Gourcuff

Alexis Sanchez- Chile

Sergio Ramos- Spain

                                                Zlatan Ibrahimov- Barcelona

Gabriel Heinze- Argentina

Go Argentina!


  1. This is certainly awesome and surely the best post ever you posted in this site. You don't need text or description ( pictures will do ) hehehe...
    Cant wait for another set of pictures..

  2. I updated the photos and have made a sacred vow to update this particular post throughout the World Cup.

  3. How about hottest women for the benefit of the male viewer. Just a suggestion and hope to see some of their pictures as well.
    You have a very interesting blog here so please keep them coming. Keep it uP!

  4. I was hoping that you would post another updates. For sure this post will be a great hit since we all know visual are really important then the content will follow.
    I can say that you are in the right path and you just keep doing what you are doing now.
    God bless Selena! Good job!

  5. Hmmm. Looks like I have to visit Sweden, and then Italy again.

  6. With the overwhelming arrogance and public dissing of black women by black American sports figures, I've stopped following American baseball, basketball and football. Soccer and Rugby are the sports for me now. The men are far better looking and I like the international flavor. Made a bunch of new Euro friends by attending some of the local matches and going to some of the ethnic bars to watch the world cup. I'm done with all American team sports except hockey!

  7. Are you naming the team they play for or the country they are from? Because Cristiano Ronaldo is from portugal but plays for real madrid.

  8. LOVE THIS POST <3<3

    and the entire italian soccer team yes!
    i don't like their tactics but i love their bods.

  9. That Zlatan Ibrahimov is fine!! Love his tattoos. Wish I had a better photo of Cha. He has a sexy one too under his arm :-P

  10. LOL at GoldenAh-

    I need to get a new passport and quickly!

  11. Ladies have ya'll checked out Japan's Tulio?? If someone can get me a good photo of him...