Friday, June 25, 2010

Funky Winkerbean- Does Interracial Storyline Imitate Life?

Batiuk decided that when Lisa Moore's widower, Les, moved on, it would be with a black woman named Cayla. The ghost of Lisa even pops up to give Les the thumbs-up on the union, when Cayla admits to being a Woody Allen fan. Later on, the two middle-aged single parents steal a moonlit lip lock in the car- Saloman

So the last time I checked, Les and Cayla made a cameo appearance back in May. In the last panel, Cayla was standing in the cafeteria with egg on her face:

What's up with Batiuk introducing a black woman to the mix after Les' wife kicked the bucket? Why did Batiuk feel it was necessary to age them like Rip Van Winkle? Orderlies will be serving smashed peas to these two the next time we see them!

Will anything ever come of these two? Why even introduce Cayla while it's clear that Les is infatuated with
Susan. Why does Cayla look so frumpy? Or is the storyline so boring predictable it doesn't really matter?

So many questions...

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