Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black Man Gets Locked Up Because Of Letter To President Obama

Not everyone expects a response when they write a letter to the president of the United States. But Caroline Jamieson got much more than she expected when her husband ended up in jail and afraid he would be deported. Jamieson, vice president of marketing at a new-media advertising company, wrote President Barack Obama in January because her husband, Hervé Fonkou Takoulo, was facing deportation to his native Cameroon. Takoulo failed in a bid before political asylum almost a decade ago, and a judge issued a deportation order after they were married. After he and Jamieson married on 2005, Takoulo applied for a green card based on his marriage to a U.S. citizen. But immigration law requires that the deportation order be lifted before the couple can appear before immigration officials to argue their case that the marriage is legitimate and not a ploy to legalize Takoulo's presence in the United States. More after the jump...

OK, let me get this straight, they went against the deportation laws but the wife felt a "kinship" with the President and because the process was "difficult to do" she writes a personal letter to him which gets her husband locked up?

Caroline Jamieson you win DWB's first Vuvuzelas Award. I salute you!


  1. Sorry, I have no sympathy for either of them. He has been in this country illegally for over 10 years. I note that he graduated with an engineering degree from a US university. Did he pay for his education out of his own pocket or did he get minority scholarships that were fought for by black Americans. Sounds like his wife bought a husband. He complains about being held in a cell with child molesters and other felons, he seems to be unaware that he to is a felon, he's stolen from other Americans for over 10 years. Nope he'll get no sympathy here.

  2. Minority scholarships are often reserved for US citizens.