Monday, March 22, 2010

**Submit Your Questions to Guest Blogger Jeremy Nelson**

Are you a Black Woman or White Man? Are you interested or curious about Black Women or White Men? Do you date Black Women or White Men, but find it difficult to find or meet ones interested in dating you? Well, welcome to BlackWhiteConnections. We're a company dedicated to bringing together black women & white men for dating, relationships, friendships, or marriage purposes. As well as giving you ample opportunities to get to know each other, enjoy yourselves, and have various discussions on a large range of topics - Jeremy Nelson

Yes, the Twin Cities are definitely in the building! Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Jeremy, age 34,  founded the group approximately two years ago. During that time, Jeremy has watched BlackWhiteConnections grow to over 1,300 members. With no signs of slowing down, BlackWhiteConnections can be found on Myspace, Facebook, Blackplanet as well as Ning. Jeremy’s short term goals includes a website and a business specifically designed for black women and white men.

Adding some truth to the rumor that Minnesota is the place to be for interracial lovers, Jeremy has strictly dated black women for 12 years. He has a great reputation for offering advise to who're contemplating mixed relationships. Jeremy also blogs about an array of subject matters tailored to black women/white men.

I’m proud to say that Jeremy has accepted my personal invitation to be Dating While Brown’s first guest blogger! He will answer any questions or offer advise to those interested in interracial dating/marriage. Throughout the week I will accept your questions here at the site. You can add them to this post, or you can send me a personal email.

Here’s your chance to get a male perspective on things (regardless of your gender). The sooner you send in your questions, the sooner we can put Jeremy to work lol.

I’m out!


  1. Dear Jeremy, I am a black woman very open to dating white men, but I'm not sure why I'm not being asked out by any? I don't ask guys out because it's not my style. But how can I "encourage" them to ask me out? Help!

  2. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for taking our questions.

    There is a white guy that I like and I know he likes me too. The issue is whenever we meetup he wants to ask me very personal, deep questions. This makes me uncomfortable as I am not the sort to share myself so readily with someone I am not very close to, or whose trust has not been proven. This may not be an interracial thing, but just a dating thing. He is very handsome, well educated and a sweetheart, really a catch. Anyways, how can I let him know I am interested, but not interested in revealing the depths of my soul so soon? I have tried evasive actions, but he is so persistent we end up having a quarrel because I become annoyed. Thanks again.

  3. In the online dating world I have received winks, and smiles, but usually no deeper conversation beyond that. And a lot of these come from men in their late 50's plus.

    Do I need to be the pursuer? Which is very tough for me.

    I'd like to hear what I as a Black woman almost 40 need to think, do, in order to let guys know I am single, open to dating White Men preferably closer to my age (versus 55 plus).

    And in person, I seem to get the smiles too and even the occasional hello's but nothing further, I am guessing it is me - but ... just not sure.

  4. Hey Jeremy

    I wanted to know what might be a couple of reasons that may stop a white man from asking a black woman out on a date although he is interested in her?

  5. I don't know what Jeremy will say, but as a BW, I know I've had this same question. On the Vanilla Please blog, there is a great letter the blog owner posted from a middle-aged WM about how he felt about asking a BW out for the first time. There is also a post on called "For Black Women: Why White Men Are A Better Choice" that touches on this question, too. It's also very funny, BTW.

    I'm not putting this up to take you away from this blog - by all means, come back immediately. I read this blog all the time, and I love it, although I'm a lurker, not one who comments, generally. I'm just making you aware of something on other blogs you might want to read on the very question you're asking.

    I have felt frustrated in terms of how to kick off an IR with a WM. Some of it's the same, but some of it isn't. I have often wondered why he's not being more forward.

  6. Well, I came back.

    That post on Why White Men Are A Better Choice on that other blog is very good, humorous. Plus it has 60 comments as of my visit there a few minutes ago, and most of the comments are not funny, but sort of a how-to manual for BW self-improvement. And those are really good. Cherie, thanks for the FYI.

    Haven't been to Vanilla Please yet...