Friday, March 26, 2010

Speed Dating With Patti Stanger

"Joe was kinda low key. The minute Jheri came to the table all of a sudden his personality was brought to life…and she let him lead -Patti Stanger

So this is what goes on during speed dating.

Zoe & Peter - Dang Zoe looks like she just got out of bed. I guess that hair is the business.

Julia & Elliot- Oh my Elliot is a barrel of laughs. Wait a minute did she just Sieg Heil his azz?!? I guess she didn't get the memo lol.

Julie & Mike- "Elaine" is definitely down with the swirl no doubt about it. Uh from the looks of it, I think its best she sticks with Seinfeld.

Monet & Mike- Have you noticed that the non-black women don't hesitate to ask Mike his ethnicity? I'm sure he's probably used to it but damn give Kojak a break!

Jheri & Peter- I think overall this one was the best match. Cute!


  1. LOL,

    Hey J'Abena thanks for the post and stopping by. I keep saying that I'm going to try it and I think I will sometime in April!