Friday, March 19, 2010

It's not About The Pick-Up

Approaching women is probably the most difficult thing a man will ever do (besides asking to marry her). Some men “get it” but it seems that even more don’t. There are countless articles, books, videos and blogs that address this issue profusely. As a matter of fact just three months ago did a piece on the do’s and don’ts in the approach and it caused quite a buzz among it’s readers. One thing’s for certain, you throw in a little thing called race in America and you got even more hurdles to jump over for both parties.

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you David Wygant, relationship extraordinaire. I think he’s facinating but comes off a little cheesy at times. I posted the below video because I wanted to highlight the differences in dating/approaching techniques among black/non-black men. Notice how David emphasizes the importance of giving women their space during the initial contact.

A lot goes into NOT being overly aggressive and non-threatening. David also coaches his clients on learning the body language that women display during the courtship. This is very important, particularly among interracial daters. Just a few weeks ago, one of  Dawn Ali's readers missed a dating opportunity because she didn’t realize when a man runs his hands through his hair it’s usually a good thing. I guess she’s probably still kicking herself lol.



  1. Hey everyone sorry about the dead link. Doggone Buzzle lol. Had to find a replacement. This one should work :-)

  2. That is interesting information.

    No stupid lines, he didn't move in coming off like a weirdo, and he kept a convo going.

    The dead air time is a convo killer for me.

  3. Yeah the awkward silence can be a doozy!