Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jill Scott, What Were You Thinking?

You know the moment when you realize that fine, accomplished brother is with a White woman? Let’s call it “the wince.” My new friend is handsome, African-American, intelligent and seemingly wealthy. He is an athlete, loves his momma, and is happily married to a White woman. I admit when I saw his wedding ring, I privately hoped. But something in me just knew he didn’t marry a sister. I felt my spirit…wince. When our people were enslaved, “Massa” placed his Caucasian woman on a pedestal. She was spoiled, revered and angelic, while the Black slave woman was overworked, beaten, raped and farmed out like cattle to be mated. She was nothing and neither was our Black man. We reflect on this awful past and recall that if a Black man even looked at a White woman, he would have been lynched, beaten, jailed or shot to death. These harsh truths lead to what we really feel when we see a seemingly together brother with a Caucasian woman and their children. While we exert efforts to raise our sons and daughters to appreciate themselves and respect others, most of us end up doing this important work alone, with no fathers or like representatives, limited financial support and, on top of everything else, an empty bed- Jill Scott

See...this ish right here. This is one of the main reasons why I don't read, borrow, steal (or buy for that matter) a MESSence magazine. I just have one question:

Jill what were you THINKING?
*Clutching my pearls*
Before I go on, let me throw out this disclaimer:

Although Jill Scott, may share the melanin and ancestry background of most African-American women, she by NO means speaks for me or many others. We DO NOT care who black men date, mate, sex-out, trick-out, use and abuse. We do not flinch, wince, mince, itch or scratch our butts when Tyrone, Dante, or Dequan is walking down the street with a non-black woman- DWB
End Scene

Fades to white...and...ACTION

*leans over and grabs Jill's ear* So tell me Sis, how much did MESSence pay you to do this lousy interview?

MESSence truly is reaching to pull those mighty dollars in. Just when you thought main stream media was gunning for black women, true to form, MESSence is happily bringing up the rear.

Jill, I have one more question for you. After several of your own failed relationships, what's your take on black women and interracial relationships? Um, did I say one more question? Pardon me, I meant two. More importantly, would you say your failed marriage was the result of not dating non-black men?

Per MESSence's usual Modus Operandi, here's another "let's uplift black men and kick our sisters to the curb" articles. Furthermore the interview was random and unnecessary.

This article also reeks of the "Man" is the real reason why our black men ain't got no "ack" right and laced with a touch of "nobody wants us colored gurls no mo". Jill honey, this is 2010 not 1810. Its high time that you and whoever else stop passing blame.

Just when I thought MESSence couldn't get any messier they surpass all expectations.

I'm out!


  1. gurl i didn't even bother read the article. I wanted to purchase that particular magazine for Zoe would think they talk about dating IR since that's what Zoe does, but noooooo! I wanted to slap Jill Scott. She out of all them I thought would know better. She must be sippin on the Tyle Perry juice to be talking that mess.

    Everything you said was on the money. i never cared who bm dated...ever! i only care who I date, who treats me well, and who actually wants to be with me.

    If she thinks bm dating ww hurts her, wait till she gets a load of what bm think on YT. She ain't seen nothing yet!

  2. You guys are funny, I have absolutely no problem with interracial dating but I can't help but feel that wince every once in a while. She was just being honest and not judging. Sometimes I will admit that when I see a black man with a white woman it hurts my feelings. I can't explain it because I don't want that guy. A lot of black women feel that way and there is nothing wrong with it. It is just the honest truth. I get over it....So does Jill.

  3. Maude have mercy...and that photo of her says it all. I too want to slap, thanks for the heads up though, since I almost grabbed a copy for the Zoe. Messence. I can't. *sad face*

  4. Funny how men with "QUESTIONABLE" preferences seem to direct movies about Black women's lifestyles...With that being said: The range of emotions we go thru are normal...However, BW MUST take their lumps and MOVE ON...Once understanding that we are neither responsible nor in control of other peoples choices, then freedom will ensue!

  5. thats why i dont read that magazine despite what happend in the past you cant judge someone on their race regardless. people are PEOPLE. and you cant help you fall in love with. just worry about yourself and not who someone else is dating or married to thats thier issue not ours. people are so funny.

  6. Sky,

    I'm glad I saved you some money LOL. The sad part about Jill's response is most people will believe she's speaking for all of us.

    LOL Rainbeaux! :-D

    Anon I do hope she and many others get over whatever "it" is. Because truly this is what's keeping bw from exploring their options and finding real happiness.


    I believe the last time I ever bought that rag was probably back in middle school *SMH*
    People are people and if we all thought like that the world would be a much better place.


    ITA and to also realize that bw and bm are not connected st the hip. There is no magical, spiritual, jungle connection that some people feel we have.

  7. Jill is a stunning looking woman and what rubbish, she is talking and she was on Cnn with this foolishness. Where is this going to end, instead of worrying about black men dating whoever, what doesn't concern herself with her own life and her son!
    Crying, weeping, wailing and writing articles in Essence and going on CNN, or whatever is not going to stop black men fron dating out, that is their business. God bless them and God bless us also!

  8. Oh my!

    What in the soledadobrienancygrace hayel is going on?

    CNN is way past getting on the one good nerve I have left. They can't carry a missing black child story for more than two days and yet they are the FIRST ones reporting downtrodden news such as this.

    *rocking back and forth*

    Lawd...I'm trying to keep my postings focused on IR dating but its so hard Lawd.

  9. Hello Selena!

    Years ago, JS did a video of "Don't mess with my man", or something like that. It was really a mini-hood flick, and the singing was great. She has a lovely voice.

    I spoke with a BM, who used to work in the music industry, about the video. He liked JS, but he hated that video. It was the behavior and attitude he disliked: the militant BW who wants to fight everyone over a BM.

    He got me thinking. JS thinks she's attracting BM with these interviews. The truth, or fact of the matter, is - it is turning men off.

    Hopefully someone who loves her should tell her that, like a family member doing an intervention with a drug addict.

    It's unbecoming of BW to continue with this anti-IR or non-BM militancy.

  10. GoldenAh,

    I think I know the video/song you're talking about. I think it's called "Getting in the Way". She says something like:

    "You gonna have to understand he's my man, I been a lady up to now, don't know how much more I can take ... But I'm about to take off my rings and get me some vaseline."

    Jerry Springer personified!

    Now that I think about it, I guess that's her shtick. On her first album there's a song about her having a passionate night her boyfriend. She decides to make breakfast for him and heads down to the corner store to pick up a few items. As she's checking out, the cashier scans Jill's items and looks up at her and says Raheem right? *SMH*

    What Jill and a lot of R&B artists will find out is their fan base is evolving and they're not.

  11. "What Jill and a lot of R&B artists will find out is their fan base is evolving and they're not."

    Exactly. The same can be said for Keshia Cole. I liked her first song that she came out w/ where said Tyrees as her love interest. But after that I hated everything. She's ALWAYS crying over some man,catering to him and getting nothing in return, it gets annoying. And if I were a man I would never look her way unless I wanted to use her up. Just the plain 'ol truth.

    I haven't listened to a lot of these artist. I'll give Beyonce due because her lyrics are empowering.

  12. I HATE IT when women like Jill Scott talk--it makes us look desperate--this is 2010 baby

  13. Sky, I think Beyonces song "All the Single Ladies" makes me tired. It shows the GIRL asking the GUY for marriage.."To The Left" sounds empowering though---is that what sistas are going through today? buying cars for guys? arrrrgh

  14. lol @ 'MESSENCE'.. ha! and i am soooo tired of hearing the slavery/white woman as the forbidden fruit excuse. GET OVER IT... (notice, i didn't say for get history)..but this JS interview is a little unnerving. and that photo looks lihe she's scratching her head thinking 'what went wrong?'.... EVERYTHING when you decided to do this MESSENCE interview.grrr