Wednesday, February 24, 2010

**New Site Alert** Lovers of Vanilla

"This blog is dedicated to supporting black women who choose to date/marry outside of their race and giving them a peacefull place of private refuge,helping them climb the social ladder and to show them they deserve better and as for the non-black men who love us you are VERY WELCOME to send any enquires to me...NO HATERS ALLOWED."

Alrighty then...I love it LOL
ETA: Blog Site @ 12:53 am- sry my bad :->


  1. I love it that we black women are dating out but can you get another picture instead of the one with the girl and her legs spread? how about a piggyback ride instead

  2. Why? What's wrong with this one? If it was "safe" enough for Getty Images, it's safe enough for this site.

    Thanks for the comments though!