Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stay True To Your Own Beauty...

"Stay true to your own beauty,and it will be appreciated by someone you meet. "
-quote by an arrogant bastard who quotes himself (Tenchijk)

I had another video that I wanted to post as vid of the week..ok, so I'm an official stan LOL. But I'll still post the other video later this week because I want to do a serious reflective blog on the other one. Lata!


  1. This video is so sweet & uplifting. This guy seems really sincere. Thanks for sharing.

    *Love your blog!*

  2. Hey Park Avenue! *waves*

    Yes I agree with you. Unfortunately he's been receiving some hate mail and its really getting to him. I encouraged him to seek out the many BWE bloggers for support because many have gone thru what he's currently going through now.

    I don't know if he'll read it and from what I understand he receives up to 200-300 emails a day. No matter how small the hate mail is, its the one or two that hits you If you're not prepared for it. I hope he hangs in there.

    Thanks for the comments Park Avenue!