Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When Interracial Dating Goes Wrong: O.J. Simpson Set to Marry Pen Pal

The actor has fallen in love over a series of letters that the duo exchanged with each other and he has proposed to her for marriage, she will now be his third wife.  The pen pal called Anna is a young blonde; she had sent her picture to Simpson who flipped after looking at the picture and is believed to be a spitting image of his late wife Nicole. The former football star had been acquitted of her murder in 1995.  

Simpson is currently serving jail time at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Centre for armed robbery case in Los Angeles- Entertainment Biz


Orenthal just can't seem to stay out of the spotlight can he?  I hope Blondie leaves a trail of breadcrumbs leading to the chapel... 

That is all.

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