Sunday, July 18, 2010

Def Leppard's Guitarist Swirls it Up On Wedding Day!

Love Bites? Well, not for Def Leppard lead guitarist Phil Collen. The British rocker married costume designer Helen L. Simmons on the beach at Florida's Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach resort in a sunset ceremony Friday. "We've been looking for each other our entire lifetime," Collen tells PEOPLE. "To say we're ecstatic this day has finally come is putting it mildly. It could only be us for each other." People Magazine

A few reactions from some readers over at People Magazine (surprisingly most were positive):

From Mindy:
I've loved Def Leppard for over 25 years, but Phil is a skank. He is not blessed, he will not have a long and happy marriage. This is his third time, the last wife he cheated on and had two kids outside of the marriage. He makes it sound as though this is his first time finding the love of his life.

From Bev:
Congrats, Phil! I am a long time fan and wish you and your beautiful bride a very happy marriage!

From Pricilla:
Congratulations. Being married is wonderful when you get to enjoy a lifetime with the person you truly love.

From Deborah:
How long into the marriage is he going to cheat on her? He's a rich horny old man. He changes his girlfriends like people changes underwear.The people on here wishing him well must not know his track record very well.

From Facebook User (responding back to Deborah):
Gosh sound like one bitter old hag he 
dumped back in the 80's...he must have really broken your heart for you to be so angry...get over it already...Wish them joy and happiness...and life will work out for them as it is meant too...Stop being so angry and bitter...your life will be better for it!
LOL folks are a mess!

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  1. Wow...what a match! I find it refreshing that many "rainbow men" find black women with Afro-centric features beautiful.

  2. They make one lovely couple and I wish them all the best..I wonder how long it'll be before Deborah's husband cheats on her when he realizes she's a bitter old bitch???

  3. I wonder if Mindy has ever heard of that some people do change?? Besides,what does it matter to her anyway how many times he's been married and that he's cheated?? Does it affect her life? Or her marriage?? No.

  4. Even if he a reformed scoundrel at least he's marrying her.

    That's ten times better than these rappers / athletes who have so many baby mommas - an inventory software application is needed to keep track of the children.

    Also, the moment these creeps come across a white / Latino / bi-racial chick they're ready for marriage and it's no longer, "Just a piece of paper!"

  5. @ Anon 6:34 and GoldenAh,

    Makes me wonder what these complainers said the first couple of times he got married. Probably not a damn thang lol

  6. Have always loved Def Leppard so am happy to see one of them with a sister. Good luck to them.