Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Does An Asian College Kid Know About Stepping In The Name of Love?

I tell you what, there's absolutely nothing that will stop young creative, progressive people from getting their message heard. The passion and energy that they possess is simply limitless.

Some how I became a Facebook friend to one such kid by the name of Vouthynar "V" Sovann.  While attending college at Maryland University, V manages to find time to admin not one but two sites dedicated to interracial relationships.

 I've showcased one of his sites previously on DWB but didn't realize he was one of the founders back then.  Interracial dating among Asian men/black women continues to draw the curious and one topic posted by a member on his forum drew over 150 responses!

V, himself an interracial dater, is known for his lavish house parties, family friendly events, and holiday inspired bashes.  I have yet to make it to one of his parties but I've heard that people are traveling from as far as Texas and Georgia to attend.

To check out V's Beyond Skin Deep United and be heard, follow the jump...

Side note: Hit up V's Facebook Page to see him "stepping"-  It's too cute.

I'm out!


  1. He's your Facebook friend because I recommended him.

    Go Aaby ... Go Aaby ...

  2. Wow! He's amazing! I'm going to have to bootleg him from you and feature him on my blog too(giving you cred with a link to yours, of course!) I love the parties--all those beautiful black women and all those Asian cuties!

  3. Interesting. By the way, it is the University of Maryland, not Maryland University.